Quality assurance
Quality assurance

Pre-treatment activities are tightly monitored according to a set of legal and technical requirements to insure high protection of staff and environment. All processed waste must comply with a strict follow-up procedure throughout the process, which is based on many physical and chemical checks carried out at the waste collection and handling stages as well as during the different steps of the pre-treatment process itself.

Knowledge and traceability of waste

Acceptance analysis

When a producer contacts a waste pre-treatment company in order to treat its waste, a very complete and preliminary analysis is done by the waste pre-treatment company. Depending on the results of this analysis and according to the permit and technical specifications, the pre-treatment company decides to accept or reject the waste. In the case of acceptance, the pre-treatment plant delivers “an acceptance certificate”.

Reception analysis

For each reception of waste on the pre-treatment plant, analyses are done in order to :

  • ensure the waste complies with the acceptance certificate and permit requirements,
  • provide stable quality of the prepared substitution fuel,
  • ensure compliance with the health and safety requirements and to keep records.

Process analysis

During the waste pre-treatment, specific analyses are undertaken to monitor the quality of the processed waste.

Expedition analysis

At the completion of the pre-treatment, analyses are done to ensure respect of all parameters and necessary for the final treatment are respected (regulatory or technical parameters).